Just as technologies and the pace of business race forward, KATSI has been exceeding client expectations and delivering services that truly work since 1993. At KATSI, we see our success in the profitability of our clients’ businesses. And, we see 90 percent of our client companies return to KATSI again and again to help stay ahead of the technology curve.

At KATSI, we pride ourselves on identifying new talent. Hence, we are continually searching for skilled individuals to join our team. Initiative, creativity, and hard work take employees as far as they want to go. We encourage new ideas, new approaches, and new abilities and believe our entrepreneurial atmosphere is just part of what makes KATSI a highly motivating place to work. Though we are a global organization, we have managed to retain the warmth, camaraderie, and entrepreneurial spirit of a small software startup. We have an open door policy here, and you can always walk in anywhere, be it for advice, help, or valuable tips on salsa and meringue.