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As a leading Global IT company, generate high value for all our stakeholders – clients, employees and partners - by:
  • Creating total customer satisfaction through best-in-class offerings
  • Employing the best practices and the best-of-breed professionals
  • Continuously innovating our services and technology


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Our efforts are directed towards the development of people and processes towards the goal of delivering integrated solutions where our deliverables are measured in terms of business benefit derived by our customer.

Client service is a privilege and an honor

We firmly believe that client service is both a privilege and an honor. Every KATSI employee holds clients’ interests first—above our personal and corporate interests. While this often makes us seem like Scouts, we believe that your trust is a valued commodity, a treasure even, and we work to earn and keep it.

Deliver results

The way in which we strive to win your trust is by delivering results. We continuously work towards meeting and exceeding your expectations. Empowerment is one of the key steps in our proprietary wFORCE™ methodology. It ensures that you take full ownership of the project and the IP generated after its completion.

Our success formula:
Success=Values + Teamwork + Excellence


We believe in having a value structure that is practiced with everyone - our team, our customers, and our partners. Our value structure stands upon the four key values of Fairness, Trust, Transparency, and Consistency. Values that can never be compromised.


Teamwork stands for participation, open work culture and empowered employees. We have built a work culture that thrives on open communications, innovation, creativity, collaboration and pride in our work. We are an employee-empowered organization. Each individual is empowered to share the task of building the organization and enjoy the rewards.


Excellence in everything that we do and who we are. It begins with the competence of our people. We hire the best of breed professionals and upgrade their skills set on a continuing basis. This includes training, knowledge sharing and working out a career path for all the team members.

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