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MedAZ is a comprehensive healthcare solution that assists in solving the problems of healthcare delivery organizations. The solution includes Appointment scheduling, CCOW and HL7 compliant EHR, Billing and collections modules that are scalable and grow with the practice. MedAZ is 100% secure, reliable, multilingual, easy-to-use software that exceeds HIPAA security requirements and assists physicians and caregivers in providing services of exceptional quality and more easily manage the complexities of healthcare. 



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Our patent pending products, and services, connect community-based physicians and caregivers to the acute care enterprise, enabling increased efficiencies, better decision-making and improved hospital-physician relations. Sharing of data is accomplished using industry standards like HL7, XML and patented technology to provide a secure base of data for wholesome decisions. Instead of solutions that frequently require to be patched, our services solves requirements of physician, hospital and homecare application software products and services, together with transaction processing services, for the healthcare industry.

MedAZ is marketed and operated in the US through MedAZ.net LLC. To download a presentation on the MedAZ product, click here, or for more information on MEDAZ, in the US, please call us at 732 226 0727 or 609 716 6990.


EMBA(Employee Morale Booster Application) system is an electronic commerce business application that allows you to retain your most important asset, your employee. Motivation is about creating the right environment in which everyone has the same opportunity and helps them make choices that benefit both the company and the individual. Typical tools, such as rewards, recognition, and advancement, can motivate most people.   Providing a common, set of specified goals, intermediate and annual measurements tells employees that the playing field is level and gives them the feeling that they are getting a fair shakeEMBA provides a scalable and integrated technology that spans human resource award processes and connects multiple platforms through the Intranet in a seamless environment. The  EMBA system consists of the ICIP (Incentive Compensation Intranet Process) module, MCIP (Merit Compensation Intranet Process) module, the ETR(Employee Time Recording) module & the EER(Employee Expense Recording and Tracking) module.

For more information on EMBA , please call us at 732 283 7228.

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